Three new World Cup pitches are ready

We want to ensure players have the best possible training facilities prior to and during the Rabobank Hockey World Cup. A number of Dutch hockey clubs are helping make this a reality by laying an official World Cup pitch. The GreenFields TX surface has been developed with the help of top players specially for the World Cup. Many of the new pitches are close to The Hague where the World Cup is taking place, but there are others dotted around the country. Three of them are already in use.

Wagener stadium
The Wagener stadium in Amstelveen has been the home of international hockey in the Netherlands for years. It has hosted the Champions Trophy and the European Championships – so it is a logical location for a World Cup pitch. This means the Wagener Stadium will remain a top option for matches at the highest level. How do you lay a new pitch? GreenFields makes it all clear in this two-minute video.

The Wagener stadium’s World Cup pitch is now being used constantly. Initial reactions are positive. Players like playing on it, the ball rolls well and they have optimal ball control.

HC Naarden
There were celebrations in Naarden when the new World Cup pitch was opened by Naarden council’s sports chief Marcel Adriani and KNHB director Johan Wakkie. World Cup mascot Stockey was there to join in the fun and Naarden’s top teams played their first matches on the new surface.

Naarden hockey club has big ambitions for its new pitch, says World Cup ambassador Jacques Cranen. ‘The most important thing is that our own players can use the very best equipment and grow in the sport,’ he says. ‘Last year was our 25th anniversary and the clubhouse was revamped. Now, thanks to this pitch, the 8,000 players in this region can experience top-level hockey. And it would be fantastic if an international match was played here in the run up to the World Cup.’

Terriers (Heiloo)
Heiloo’s brand new World Cup pitch is a milestone in the club’s history, says chairman Roemer Boogaard. ‘We’ve got high hopes of our water pitch,’ he says. ‘We did not have one before and we wanted to progress. This will offer great opportunities to our youth players to develop their techniques. We asked the hockey association for advice and in the end decided to go for this pitch. Of course, it would be fantastic if foreign teams came to train here, but that is not the main reason for installing it.’ The Terriers’ new pitch was completed in two months time. Check out the photos.