the best masters tournament ever

As the men’s semi-finals took place in the Kyocera Stadium, in Rotterdam the finals of the

FIH Masters 40+, 45+, 50+ en 55+ were being played. The day began at 9.00 with the 50+ men’s teams from England and Germany and ended with the Netherlands – Australia in the 40+ event. “This was the best Masters tournament ever” said Jan Meurer chairman of the FIH Masters organising committee. “I hope this event will help promote hockey for older age groups all over the world.”

Usual suspects


Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, England and South Africa – all the usual suspects – dominated the Masters finals. “But we also had teams from Ghana and Egypt,” said Meurer. “They did not win medals but it was great to have them as part of the hockey community.” Australia emerged as the big winners, taking four of the nine titles on offer. England won three, the Netherlands one and Germany 1.


In total, Rotterdam hockey club hosted 74 teams (men and women) from 21 countries during the tournament, which lasted 11 days. “The enthusiasm, the public, the dynamics, the friendship, the weather – everything went very smoothly,” said Meurer. Once the winning teams are handed their medals, then they realise ‘we are world champions’, says Meurer. “That is a fantastic moment. I’m so pleased to have been a part of this.”


After the medal ceremony, complete with national anthems, the flag was symbolically handed over to Australia – the organisers of the next FIH Masters World Cup. That event will take place in Canberra in 2016.

W40 The Netherlands – Australia 1-1 (SO 2-3)

W45 The Netherlands – South Africa 2-0

W50 England – Australia 2-1

W55 England – The Netherlands 4-0

W60 England – Australia 0-3

M40 The Netherlands – Australia 1-1 (SO 1-2)

M45 England – Australia 3-3 (SO 1-2

M50 Germany – England 1-0

M55 England – The Netherlands 1-1 (SO 4-2)